November 8, 2018

Donovan saved the day

"I was getting ready to leave on a trip out of the country while foundation repairs were done on my house. A week before I was leaving, my contractor notified me that the Township required a survey before issuing the permits. I started trying to find a surveyor who could do the job quickly, but I was getting nowhere until I contacted Donovan. The survey team was out the very next day, and two days later I had the completed survey report. I could not have been more pleased with the service, and despite the rush nature of the job the cost was minimal. In addition, the owner is pleasant to deal with and very professional. Highly recommended!"
October 25, 2018

Thanks to Donovan Surveyors!

"I am a New Jersey Real Estate Agent and ran into a bind, as there was a misunderstanding as to who in a transaction was ordering a survey. With four days left before closing, I called Donovan Surveyors. They were able to not only complete the survey the same day I called them, but were able to produce the actual written results, as well. I was able to pick them up and get them to the township, keeping within the parameters of the contract. Thanks to Donovan Surveyors, we were able to keep our scheduled closing."
July 7, 2018

Great Price

"Great price. Professional and dependable. You can’t go wrong when you use Donovan Surveyors."
September 7, 2017

Great, Polite Crew

"great, polite crew. work was fast and cheaper than the first guys i called."
August 18, 2017

Efficient and knowledgeable…

"Jack Donovan and his surveying team are awesome. They are quick, efficient, and knowledgeable. They answered my questions and much more. I definitely recommend Donovan Surveyors!!"